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Zhang Qianfan

Curriculum Vitae 


In 2011 Mr. Zhang Qianfan began his research life in Freiburg, as the first station in Germany. In 2013 he received his degree of LL.M after finishing the graduation thesis with Magna cum Laude, focusing on the area of administrative law. From 2014 he is working on his dissertation as doctoral candidate in Law School of Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt am Main.

Prior to that Mr. Zhang Qianfan passed the Chinese National Judicial Examination with Note of 434 in 2008, after obtaining the LL.B. degree from Law School of Shanghai University for Finance and Economics. In the Autumn of 2009 he stepped into campus again, in the Chinese-German Law Faculty of Chinese University for Political Science and Law in Beijing, and dedicated himself since then in academic researching of law and graduated with degree of Magister Iuris in 2014.

Mr. Zhang Qianfan is a Chinese native speaker and can use English and German mastery as researching languages. His academic coordinates has been set in the areas of European law, German and Chinese constitutional- and administrative law.



Academic Acitivities and Publications

  • 2017.02:  Presentation about the Topic “The conceptual explanation of the term ‘community of law’ in European law”, on the 10th anniversary of CDIR—Alumni Meeting 2017 in University of Freiburg. (in German)
  • 2014.12:  “Constitutional review on the freedom of speech: comment on the case of ‘contained Pupil in Shanxi Province’”, in, Hu, Jinguang (ed.), Comments on the most significant 10 constitutional cases in 2013, Beijing: Law Press China, 2014. (in Chinese)