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Laufende Dissertationsprojekte

  • Thomas Breetzke
    Jugend in der chinesischen Literatur
  • Guan Chenxin
    Pingju and Industrial Society
  • Liu Zhongnan
    The Mediated Myth of Lingnan Herbal Tea
  • Tang Huijing
    The Discursive Spaces of Yueju Opera
  • Zhang Wen
    The “Heteroglossia” Online – The Changing Thinking Modes of Chinese Internet Users (Abstract)
  • Anja Rommel: "Erweiterten Erkenntnistheorie" des chinesischen Philosophen Feng Qi (1915-1995).
  • Li Yuanjun: Her research interest is primarily focused on the Chinese Jingpai literature and the
    Chinese Jingpai writers. Yuanjun Li is conducting research on the relationship of
    Shen Congwen and the new literary tradition of Wu Si as well as the status of Shen
    Congwen's works in Jingpai literature. Currently, she is researching on The
    Transmutation of Female Figures in Shen Congwen's Xiangxi Novels
  • Lou, Xin [xin.lou(at)smail.uni-koeln.de]
  • Mo, Yanjun [15B400939(at)qq.com]
  • Nesenhöner, Jan-Hendrik [jh_nesenhoener(at)yahoo.de]
  • Qin, Runshi [amyqin(at)live.cn]