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Prof. Dr. Björn Ahl



Curriculum Vitae

Björn Ahl is Professor and Chair of Chinese Legal Culture. Before joining the University of Cologne in 2012, he was Visiting Professor of Chinese Law, Comparative Public Law and International Law in the China EU School of Law at the Chinese University of Political Science and Law in Beijing. Prior to that he held a position as Assistant Professor of Law in the City University of Hong Kong. He has also worked as Associate Director and Lecturer in the Sino German Institute of Legal Studies of Nanjing University and as a Researcher at the Max Planck Institute of Comparative Public Law and International Law in Heidelberg.

He received a doctorate in law from the University of Heidelberg in 2008 and passed the second state examination in law in 2001. Prior to that he served as a legal clerk in the Heidelberg District Court, Local Court and Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Administrative Appellate Court of Baden-Württemberg and the Legal Department of the Regional Administrative Council in Karlsruhe. He completed the first state examination with distinction in 1999. Björn Ahl studied law and Chinese language at the Universities of Heidelberg and Nanjing with scholarships of the German National Scholarship Foundation and the Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach Stiftung.

Björn Ahl is President of the European China Law Studies Association; Fellow at the Center for Chinese Law of the University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law; and Board Member of the Sino German Jurists Association.

Selected Publications

  • China’s Perspectives on Public International Law: Selective Adaptation of International Treaties and the Community of Common Destiny Concept, German Yearbook of International Law, forthcoming 2022. (Download)

  • The Development of the Due Process Principle in post-2013 China, The Journal of Comparative Law, Vol. 17 (2022), pp. 254-276. (Download)

  • Book review of: Pitman Potter, Exporting Virtue? China’s International Human Rights Activism in the Age of Xi Jinping, The China Journal, Vol. 87, 2022, 211-213. (Download)

  • China's Evolving Data Protection Law and the Financial Credit Information System: Court Practice and Suggestions for Legislative Reform (co-authored with Lu Yu), Hong Kong Law Journal, Vol. 51, 2021, 287-308. (Download)

  • Chinese Positions on Global Constitutionalism, Community of Common Destiny for Mankind and the Future of International Law, The Chinese Journal of Comparative Law, Vol. 9, 2021, 304-327. (Download)

  • Chinese Courts and Criminal Procedure: Post-2013 Reforms, Cambridge University Press, 2021. (Download)

  • Post-2013 Reforms of the Chinese Courts and Criminal Procedure: An Introduction, in: Björn Ahl (ed.), Chinese Courts and Criminal Procedure: Post-2013 Reforms, Cambridge University Press, 2021, pp. 1-28. (Download)

  • Review of Fu Hualing, Michael Palmer, Zhang Xianchu (eds.) - Transparency Challenges Facing China, Amicus Curiae, Series 2, Vol 2, No 1, pp. 123-127. (Download)

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  • The Politicization of the Chinese National Judicial Examination (2007-2012), Modern China, Vol. 44, 2018, 208-240. (Download)

  • Björn Ahl, The Relation between International Law and German Law: Suggestions for the Amendment of the Chinese Legislation Law (国际法与德国法的关系以及对立法法修改的建议), in: Libin Xie, Chinese-German Comparative Study on Legislation (中德立法比较研究), CUPL Press, Beijing 2017, 62-72. (Download)

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